It’s LONDON Baby!

#WCW- and I’m crushing hard right now! You may or may not know that I am a major fan of anything British. Yes, you read this right it’s a lot about London baby! I have succumb to the Netflix revolution, but watch a lot of British based shows while perusing the Netflix database. The truth is there are very few shows I watch here on a regular basis, I primarily watch a ton of sports….like I mean I literally wake up with Mike & Mike on ESPN every morning. No, seriously like we’ve been having coffee together for years now and I think it’s about time they invite me over, lol….Greeny-Golic are you listening?!?! Mike & Mike, and THE HUB. I like the sound of it already.

All jokes aside, I now have a new reason to obsess over London and England as a whole. Reading through the website I read how the newly elected mayor of London Sadiq Khan as of July will ban all unrealistic images on public transportation. Wait?! What?!? YES!!! Finally someone in public office gets it. It may not be here in the U.S. but that doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future. Could this signal a change coming? A change where unrealistic, photoshopped photos and ads being passed as realistic and normal are no longer the norm??? A new normal if you will may be upon us. However, nothing, and I repeat nothing will every change without the unrest from the public!!! Last year over 70,000 people in London signed a petition to remove an ad on a subway station of a photo of a women asking  “Are you beach ready?. In the end it was deemed safe and unlikely to cause harm, but the concerns of at least 70,000 people were finally heard and now change has come.

Maybe you’re sitting there reading this and saying, big deal that isn’t anything to cheer about. Think about this, the ad space will affect London’s subways, buses, trams etc. According to the article and the Transport of London that alone in 8 years brings in $1.2 billion in revenue! Could other countries follow suit? Could this signal more responsible ads and campaigns not just abroad but possibly here in the U.S.? Nothing will change unless we make our own voices and concerns heard.  Let’s be honest, money talks and it is the only thing that will speak volumes to major companies. Will they all start listening?? Only time will tell.

In the age of filters and facetune (which lets be clear are there to use for fun for ourselves, and we love them and use them for that purpose) major advertising companies are and have taken it to the extreme for many years however. Only we can make change happen, and I think that time has come. We cannot tell women to be happy with themselves one moment, and photoshop an ad within an inch of its life the next to make the person almost unreconizable. Sometimes you have to give time, some time….maybe now is THE TIME?!? Maybe they will photoshop less, and maybe they will hire more realistic models for their ad campaigns. Check back to my recent WCW post about Ashley Graham a real size model, and how she has changed the game as well by being the first SI swimsuit model in REAL SIZE! Small steps lead to bigger steps…’s to keep moving forward.

Nicole L. Rymer

 The PowHer Hub

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