The Fearless Dasha Polanco

#BORNANDMADE #OITNB just some of the ways you may know the ever talented and beautiful Dasha Polanco. As Dayanara Diaz on the very popular Netflix series, Orange is The New Black she’s been making waves and catching the eye of many fans. What has caught my eye in particular was her fearless, but bluntly honest, tell it like it is attitude and take on her journey, her personal views, and her body and life in general. Her recent partnership with Carol’s Daughter “Born and Made” campaign showcases just that, her fun, fearless and very REAL personality that is extremely relatable and inspiring. I’m a fan!!

Originally hailing from the Dominican Republic and splitting her time between Brooklyn and Florida this firecracker aspired to be an actress. However she, like so many young girls, allowed negative opinions and so-called society norms take over her own opinions of herself hindering her aspirations creating immense insecurity making her shy away from her passions. It starts out by a small voice within your own head that says, hmmm you don’t look like them, you don’t sound like them, your not the same size as them, your not from where they come from. Lots of thems and theys were being tossed around causing a negative outlook on her own life and journey. This is a reality for so many of our young girls now as the images that are shown for them to emulate do not portray a reality, but  more importantly not their reality. It, in essence is a ripple effect that can trigger a line of unhealthy decision making in our lives when we give into the negative voices we have caused by outside influences.

Dasha’s path is not of a typical young starlet we see on Entertainment Tonight or on People magazine. No, in fact the single Mother of 3 with her vivacious spark for life had an atypical path that lead to her recent stardom. One that can inspire, one that a young girl can look up to and say, if she can, I can! Dasha started out by attending college and obtaining a degree in Psychology at Hunter College with an aspiration on becoming a nurse. She shied away from auditioning because of her weight and what Hollywoods idea of beauty was and the rolls being repeatedly cast. Finally putting an end to those negative voices she let her inner voice reign supreme and guide her path. While working within the healthcare industry she finally gained courage to pursue her dream of becoming an actress and enrolled into acting school and that is where an important chapter of her life started.

She is a rising star who now learned to embrace herself, her life and her body. Seeing a women like her on the screen can give us hope to see more women from all backgrounds and sizes have an opportunity. I love her honesty in the Carol’s Daughter Born and Made campaign. Explaining how she saw herself and her body growing up and her evolution in her feelings towards herself is something that I can personally relate too. I know I am not the only one, not the only one who grew up doubting myself, looking around and saying my life and the way I look isn’t like anything I see so what and who do I look up to? She is yet another game changer as she does not just want to stop at being an actress, no not at all. She has aspirations of growing within the industry with producing, writing, directing, and helping other young women and especially Latin women gain access to the roles in Hollywood they don’t easily come by. By being the person who paves the way, and knocks down doors for others to come after her.

Her passions do not just lie within the arts as she was recently named a U.N. Global Ambassador to Haiti making a recent trip to the country on behalf of the NFL. Check out her campaign with Carol’s Daughter as you will see why she has grown a following and is the favorite of so many! Her unrelenting message to love yourself, accept yourself, and care for yourself goes beyond age, weight and background and relates to ALL of us! There is no set size to “make it” in life, as she shows you, YOU set the rules for your life, how you want to live it and how people treat you! Her honestly about how difficult of a road that was to see this realization and to live it everyday is more of what we need…honesty! We all have insecurities, we all get down, we all have bad days and worry that our dreams will not be a reality. If people tell you different they live in an alternate reality in my opinion. Its ok to feel that way from time to time, and we cannot hide the fact that it is a reality of our everyday life and is human!! We need to teach how to overcome those fears when they arise and people like Dasha Polanco help set the stage showing merely that YOU CAN!

Take a moment and head to Born and Made to share your story….I JUST DID!!! Check it out. YOU matter, I matter, WE ALL matter. Our stories are meant to be heard, are meant to matter and are meant to make a difference. No story too small or insignificant to make a difference in someone’s life and journey. You could be a difference maker in someone else’s life. Follow Dasha in the new season of OITNB on Netflix and see this fierce star rise!!!


Nicole L. Rymer

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