Top Summer ’16 Blockbusters

It’s HOT!!! Like it’s so hot lately you’ve probably debated on how to wear as little as possible to work and make it look as normal as possible all at the same time… bueno! What else happens around this time of year??? Summer blockbusters!!! Funny, thrilling, scary, dramatic, tear jerkers. Whatever your flare you probably will get your fix during the summer months. I love going to the movies, especially now with the ultra fab theaters that are popping up in many cities, where its a night out, an adventure, and takes movie watching to the next level with gourmet food, cocktails and premium service. Movie watching is no longer for gum sticking to the seats and super salty nachos with cheese-like sauce. No think lush, reclined seating and service oriented theaters as the new “thing”. It’s almost as good as watching Netflix in the comfort of your own home in your fave athleisure wear with your dog or significant other….almost, lol.

Pursuing the latest movie trailers I came across’s list of top flicks out this year. Here are a few that sparked my interest that we want to share with you that have not yet hit the big screen for this year. Take a look, go and see a few with the squad, your fam or your significant other enjoy the night and let The Hub know what ya saw and what you thought. Oh, and P.S. this chic isn’t a lifetime watcher so no movies in that realm are featured here…..sorry lol.

Central Inteliigence If you follow us on social media, and I am going to assume that you already do, you will know we volunteered our services for a screening of this movie in Miami for the Wade’s World Foundation charity. You can go to our Facebook or Instagram pages for all the pics and videos. See yet another reason to follow us on snapchat!!!! I digress, this movie let’s see where to start, The Rock + Philly’s own Kevin Hart might be pure comedic genius and trust us a must see!!! This just hit theaters this week so make sure you go ASAP to see this comedy with the top stars of today…plus you get to see The ROCK. End of story lol. Go see what all the fuss is about!

central int

Suicide Squad Release date is my birthday day, August 5th! This star studded cast promises to please, Will Smith as deadshot, Jared Leto as the Joker, and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn to name just a few stars in the lineup. This DC Universe based film has all the hype surrounding it making it a much talked about summer blockbuster for 2016. Action packed with a star studded cast and a popular character list, we can only hope to be as entertained as it sounds like we will be.

suicide squad pic

Jason Bourne Matt Damon reprises his role in the Bourne series that has spanned over 14 years and this being the 5th installment. Opening soon on July 26th, the tough and iconic spy with return fave Julia Stiles I think will have all Bourne fans cheering and anticipating this action packed summer blockbuster! These films haven’t disappointed yet and with Matt Damon you cannot go wrong.


Hands of Stone Robert De Niro and Edgar Ramirez…..I could literally stop right there. De Niro is one of the most amazing, iconic and transformative actors of our lifetime, and happens to be my favorite. Godfather I & II are my all-time faves and his work was legendary. Where my Domino movie fans at?!?! Most audiences would have been introduced to Edgar Ramirez with his role as Choco playing along side Kiera Knightly in the cult favorite. Now, he plays boxer Roberto Duran and De Niro who plays Ray Arcel as the notable trainer. Oh yea and Usher Raymond plays Duran’s real life rival, Sugar Ray Leonard. I have a feeling this will be a must see from the cast alone. I happen to love true stories and documentaries, add this type of cast and it smells like a hit to me. Opens up August 26th just the right time for an end of summer flick to go see to scape the dog days of summer.

hands of stone pic

The BFG Ok, let’s have some fun and let our inner child shine shall we? I think we shall, and let’s talk about a book that a lot of us either read or at least know a little about its author, Roald Dahl. Don’t know who I am speaking about? What if I say Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory? That surely rings a bell doesn’t it? Well he was the author and screenplay writer for the famous movie. Now, yet another one of his books is being brought to life, and by none other than legendary director Steven Spielberg. Thanks to my fourth grade teacher, I was lucky enough to have read many of his books so count me in on this movie when it is released July 1st!! Sometimes you need something a little more light-hearted and I think you can score big with The BFG!


Well there you have it, a The Hub’s guide to a little summer ’16 cinematic adventure. Take some time, get away for a few hours and watch a movie.  These 5 are just a few there are many more depending on your tastes and what you feel like seeing. For those of you who aren’t into action, suspense, comedies, or thrillers and opt for the more fun and romantic comedies hit us up and comment below. Let us know what you’re eager to see in theaters this year! Maybe a PowHer Hub movie night will be in the making?!!!??? You never know…..we are ALWAYS up to something people, that I can promise you!

Nicole L. Rymer

The Powher Hub

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