The Fearless Dasha Polanco

#BORNANDMADE #OITNB just some of the ways you may know the ever talented and beautiful Dasha Polanco. As Dayanara Diaz on the very popular Netflix series, Orange is The New Black she's been making waves and catching the eye of many fans. What has caught my eye in particular was her fearless, but ... VIEW POST

A Legend Gone Too Soon

It is only fitting that I start with the "numbers." What numbers you ask? Well lets take a step back and talk about the who first, this week the legendary and winningest college baskettball coach in Division I history, Pat Summit passed away at the young age of 64 of Alzheimer's. So let's go back ... VIEW POST

The 2016 GAME-CHANGER – Ashley Graham

Too thin!! Too big!! Too small!! Too curvy!! Not curvy enough!! Too short!! Too tall! Try South Beach!! Try Atkins!! Go vegan!! How about that paleo thing everyone keeps talking about?! Can I eat gouda on that?!? You go gluten free yet?! Do you juice?! You don't juice?!?! Stop juicing we do shakes ... VIEW POST

The TREATMiNT Box with Kimberly Fink!

Kimberly Fink... crusader of HOPE & THE TREATMiNT BOX Hope, it’s the little voice inside of us all that tells us it’s worth the fight, it’s worth keeping a positive outlook, worth it for the promise of another day. Hope is something we hold onto tightly, and for the few special people roaming ... VIEW POST


Finally!!! Where are all my sports fans at? Especially my Football fans!!! Ok, you know the procedure, first is the lull of uneventful sports talk for a few months in the spring then into the summer, then NBA playoffs and finals, and throw in some baseball talk. Then, excitement starts to rise as we ... VIEW POST