It’s LONDON Baby!

#WCW- and I'm crushing hard right now! You may or may not know that I am a major fan of anything British. Yes, you read this right it's a lot about London baby! I have succumb to the Netflix revolution, but watch a lot of British based shows while perusing the Netflix database. The truth is there ... VIEW POST

Mo’ne Davis & America’s Pastime

Opening Day has just past, and America's pastime is here again this year. The smell of hot dogs cooking, ballpark food, the sound of the bat hitting the ball in hopes that you can catch that home run, and knowing that Summer is just around the corner is all a part of its nostalgia. You think of MLB, ... VIEW POST


Ah Monday again….blah, blah, blah. Get that strong cup or two or three of java, and the day in all its glory has begun. By 11am you start to day dream, stare at your computer screen of that faraway place you wish you were at instead of where you are currently sitting. Seems like a dream, seems like ... VIEW POST

The TREATMiNT Box with Kimberly Fink!

Kimberly Fink... crusader of HOPE & THE TREATMiNT BOX Hope, it’s the little voice inside of us all that tells us it’s worth the fight, it’s worth keeping a positive outlook, worth it for the promise of another day. Hope is something we hold onto tightly, and for the few special people roaming ... VIEW POST