The Fearless Dasha Polanco

#BORNANDMADE #OITNB just some of the ways you may know the ever talented and beautiful Dasha Polanco. As Dayanara Diaz on the very popular Netflix series, Orange is The New Black she's been making waves and catching the eye of many fans. What has caught my eye in particular was her fearless, but ... VIEW POST

Survival of the Gluten Free Warrior

Pass the bread!!! The garlic knots!!! The focaccia!!! To the left-to the left (in my Beyoncé voice.....ummm #LEMONADE!!!) what a gluten free warrior ends up saying! The frenzy and craze of the gluten free world is impossible to ignore anymore. Has curiosity bitten you yet?!?! Unless you have ... VIEW POST

Spring 2016 Fashion Trends & YOUR Style Update

FASHION!!!! FASHIONISTA!!!! STYLE!!!!! SELF-EXPRESSION!!!! RUNWAY CHIC!!!! DESIGN ON A DIME!!!! Call it anything you like, but personal style is as unique as your DNA! As a kid I grew up with various aspects of fashion in my everyday life. My Aunt, with a passion for fashion, left the outskirts of ... VIEW POST


It's not just a song, a melody to sing, or a dance step to mimic. No, in fact it is a movement, a tribe and group of women that is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Who is this force you ask??? Look no further then the MODERN SINGLE WOMAN! Don't believe me? I recently was not only inspired ... VIEW POST