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Collab!! The cornerstone of what The PowHer Hub is all about! Recently I had the pleasure of attending a SCORE luncheon celebration at the Manatee center in Riviera Beach where they were celebrating 3 entrepreneurs and giving away $5,000 to help grow and expand their respective businesses’! What an experience to meet and share with other like-minded entrepreneurs, and what was even more exciting is that 2 out of the top 3 finalists, and the WINNER were WOMEN owned businesses! Can we stop and cheer for a moment?!?! The energy that filled that room when I walked in was so supportive and on fire! It was a collective group of people there for a purpose, and when I say purpose I use that word strongly. Each individual whether they were new in businesses or have been a serial entrepreneur fulfilling their lifelong passions could each learn something from the next person. The way it should be…..

For those not in the know, SCORE is a non-profit organization built to help small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed. They are supported by the SBA, and all mentors volunteer their own time to help businesses flourish through many avenues of mentorship, workshops and education. I highly recommend finding a local office in your area and seeking out a mentor to talk to, run your ideas by and get assistance along the way. What a better way then to get the knowledge you will NEED then from people who have been there, done that and can get you on the right track. The mentors at SCORE are a wealth of knowledge in various areas you will need to help you not just get started but succeed in the best way possible. We are very fortunate to be located near an office that is one the best in SOFLA located in West Palm Beach ! Most of the workshops they provide each month are free or for a small fee you will be equipped with REAL knowledge on finances, small business loans, business planning, marketing, entrepreneurship, and so much more. Not to mention the networking opportunities to meet amazing people in various fields. SCORE has over 10,000 volunteers, more than 300 chapters across the nation offering expertise in over 62 various industries!! 

What more can you ask for?!?! We have said this a million times, entrepreneurship is a lifestyle and a journey….don’t go on this journey alone if you don’t have to! Go to the links we have provided and find your local SCORE office and get some guidance on those amazing ideas that you have been dreaming about at night, daydreaming about while you sit at your desk and stare aimlessly at your computer screen! You don’t know until you ask and not asking will always get you the same answers and results….a big NO!! And don’t get discouraged the first mentor isn’t the right fit. You can absolutely seek out someone else that may be a better fit for your goals and needs. TRUST US ON THIS ONE! You have the ability to search the SCORE site for mentor bios and fields of expertise before you contact them. Do your research NOW and start! 

One thing is for certain, you will never know what you are capable of and what life you were really meant to live if you do not try.  I’m not promising it will be easy, because if following and ultimately succeeding at your dreams was easy……everyone would be doing it, but they are not. I can promise that following a passion, an idea that makes you excited and sets your life on fire every time you think about it is absolutely worth it, worth trying for, worth fighting for. What if your idea is a difference maker in someone’s life? What if it’s THE difference in your life? Wouldn’t that alone be worth stepping outside of your comfort zone and giving it a try? There is nothing you can lose by meeting with a mentor and listening to someone who has the experience, knowledge and their sole purpose is to help you. A WIN-WIN situation to me?!? Unless you like just wondering what living your dreams could be like while you complain about going to work everyday. Then by all means accept the status quo and accept a what if.. 

The winner of the day  was Cynthia Heathcoe owner of Contemporary Living in Palm beach Gardens. PA born Dina Laurie with Chunkie Dunkie cookies, and Amy & Scott Angelo with Oceana Coffee all finalists and local to Palm Beach County but you can access and learn more about them here!  Congrats to all three! Check out the awesome pics and the amazing people at SCORE!!!!

Happy Grinding & Collabing!!!

Nicole L. Rymer

The PowHer Hub

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