#BornAndMade -I AM That Girl

#BORNANDMADE- We are all born with a unique and genius talent within us, a purpose to fulfill while we are on earth. Let me repeat that, ALL OF US! It is up to us to figure out what that is and not die with a unique gift inside hidden and lost. When we are young we dream big dreams without any ... VIEW POST

The 2016 GAME-CHANGER – Ashley Graham

Too thin!! Too big!! Too small!! Too curvy!! Not curvy enough!! Too short!! Too tall! Try South Beach!! Try Atkins!! Go vegan!! How about that paleo thing everyone keeps talking about?! Can I eat gouda on that?!? You go gluten free yet?! Do you juice?! You don't juice?!?! Stop juicing we do shakes ... VIEW POST

Women in The HOUSE! A NEW Trend

Is it time for HGTV & chill yet?!?!? LOL…Don’t hide it you know you’re a fan of the latest and greatest from the array of shows they produce! Whether it’s House Hunters International to Flip or Flop to the Property Brothers. I hear it all the time from my clients about how much they watch these ... VIEW POST


It's not just a song, a melody to sing, or a dance step to mimic. No, in fact it is a movement, a tribe and group of women that is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Who is this force you ask??? Look no further then the MODERN SINGLE WOMAN! Don't believe me? I recently was not only inspired ... VIEW POST


Ah Monday again….blah, blah, blah. Get that strong cup or two or three of java, and the day in all its glory has begun. By 11am you start to day dream, stare at your computer screen of that faraway place you wish you were at instead of where you are currently sitting. Seems like a dream, seems like ... VIEW POST