Girls can do it, and do it better!!!! Usually more efficiently and all the while helping others rise, and empowering others to be their best!!! How do you turn an entire industry on its side?!?!? Insert a BADASS female on a mission! We had the pleasure of having Patrice Banks, owner and operator ... VIEW POST

We Make Money Moves

Every woman faces a unique financial situation. Whether you are single, married, in a long-term relationship, divorced, widowed, or single with children, you will need to prepare for all the financial obstacles you may face. Below are Department of Labor statistics as of 2017 that exemplifies ... VIEW POST

Where’s The Love?!?!

WOW! This is the episode you NEED to listen too! Riana is a #1 Best Selling author, Certified Relationship, Love & Life Coach for Singles and Couples, Certified Clinical Trauma & Addictions Professional, Licensed/Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and Licensed Mental Health ... VIEW POST