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Happy 4th of July!!! We keep this train kicked into high gear here at The Hub’!!! Sit back and relax, enjoy fireworks with your family and friends and do a little reading for your mind and soul! How many times do we question and doubt our success?!?! Sometimes subconsciously, but believe it is YOURS and you DESERVE it! Our special BLOG TAKEOVER guest is none other than our popular contributor, amazing life coach who teaches success without exhaustion, and all-around fab femme, Courtney Parks! See her special gift for our viewers below!!

OK, big question…do you believe you deserve success?

Your first answer is probably (and hopefully) “of course I do!” – whether you consider yourself to be ‘successful’ right now or not.

In working on myself and working with women for many years, I’ve rarely found a woman who doesn’t question, at some level, whether she’s deserving of all that she has or all that she wants.

Success is defined differently by each woman…your version of it might look very different than mine. And while I coach women on improving their biz, career and life, what I really do is help women have their work and life be SO good that they can barely stand it!!

While it sounds good to say YES to success and happiness and our ultimate visions, there’s usually a part of us that’s FREAKED OUT by the idea of having all that we want and is ripe and ready to shut down our lofty ideas and keep us from making waves and creating change, even for the better.

That part is designed to protect us…and guess what? We need that part to help us make smart choices. We don’t need it to put the kibosh on our plans, our goals and our dreams. But let’s just say that part gets VERY active when we’re on the verge of our next level. So much so that if a client isn’t nervous at all about what’s next, I usually feel like we’re shooting low.

Of course, I’m not immune to this!!

Lately, I’ve been having LOTS of biz action including an influx of new and potential clients, key meetings for biz collaboration and some great opportunities for exposure. While none of them are game changers on their own, the combo certainly is…and I can feel the energy of expansion and protection brewing inside.

Am I excited? YES!

Am I nervous? YES!

Am I questioning, doubting, hoping everything goes well but not wanting to be attached? YES!

Will that stop me from showing up, sharing all of me and allowing things to go well? NO!

OK, I hope not.

What I’m trying to remember now is exactly what I would say to you:

– be fiercely loving to yourself and to your fear, it’s there to protect you
– breathe in to the energy that’s naturally rising in you, it’s all good
– know that the Universe is with you and wants ALL that you want and even better
– everything is designed to support your success and happiness, even if it doesn’t feel that way
– your worthiness is never in question – you don’t have to earn it, it’s yours

Powerful truths that I KNOW in the deepest parts of my soul…and that I repeat so I can remember and inhabit them.


How do you feel about getting everything you want?

What do you make up when you don’t get what you want?

What keeps you from believing in yourself and truly allowing success and happiness?

What helps you say YES to expansion and opportunity and abundance and living your wildest dreams, even when it gets scary?

Please share in the comments below – I’d really love to know!

At the very least, take a moment to ask and answer…you’ll be doing your success a nice big favor :).


Courtney xxoo


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