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It’s the dog days of summer my friends. The heat and humidity makes you time your activities according to how limp your hair will get, how fast your new NARS blush will fade, and how quickly your mascara runs down your face making you look like you’re just finishing up a long night out with the squad instead of running errands and buying groceries. Well if that is all you think you have to look forward to, then you are sadly mistaken. It’s Christmas in August with a few of my favorite things right now and I’m sharing them with you!! Yep, I’ve tried them out and picked the best of the bunch for my top faves leading up to the dog days of summer!

A self proclaimed product junkie (I wear that crown proudly) I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest. From makeup to hair masks to the best new eye creams…I’m all over it! The beauty of being a DIVA that is a total and complete sports fanatic is that I get the best of both worlds!! Let’s talk beauty shall we! Here are some of my new faves that I cannot live without! Neither should you so give one or all of them a try!

  • You cannot go outside with scaly skin, it’s not a good look people. Combine that with the brutal sun, especially if you live in South Florida, you need to hydrate-hydrate-hydrate! My go-to product that is now a staple in my arsenal is KOPARIA company with a love for all things coconut. Just what you need to beat the summers harsh weather that can affect your skin and  what will ultimately age you. The coconut melt  is an all-in-one, deep conditioning hair mask that I use once a week, as an under eye soothing treatment and all over beauty balm as it is 100% virgin coconut oil. It’s not just for cooking, nope, this is an everything all natural product not made with parabens, sulfates, silicones and NO GMO’S! For fun I also use the coconut body glow. Warning this will cause serious skin envy and a little goes a long long way so use sparingly at first. Serious beach glow is caused by this product so be careful. I use a little on my decollate when going out, and you can dab on your arms and legs as well. The smell is divine and addictive and you feel like you’re at the beach when you slather it on. Use in conjunction with the coconut melt and we have a winner not just to beautify your skin but to nourish it as well.   


  • I’m a regular at my local Sephora, it’s like cheers they know me by name and i’m OK with that. As a VIB member one day I got a sample of the new Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer in Moodlight. A light reflecting and correcting primer that made my makeup look flawless, did not go on greasy and helped my makeup stay longer throughout the day even in the summer heat. As a realtor I am outside showing property and that is the real test for me, this product passed the test all the way. It was like I had a continuous snapchat filter on so you know I had to buy this and have in my daily routine. I have some serious oily skin, I mean I am an oil slick head-to-toe. This did not make me look greasy, but was a great start  and base to my makeup. They have 2 other radiant finishes in addition to this, luminous and dim light each offering different properties for whatever you are looking for. Although no one wants to look greasy I actually  prefer a dewier finish with my makeup, so I am not a fan of certain powders that matte my foundation. Again summer is brutal and at the urgency of a friend and makeup artist I searched for a powder that would help set my makeup, control my oiliness, but not make me look powdery or matte to still allow for a healthy youthful glow. Insert Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Dim light. This can be considered the holy grail, but I have a big regret as I should have bought the powder trio from Sephora in Dim, Radiant and Incandescent because you get more for your money. This line is on the pricier side but well worth it in my opinion as they combine skin care technology into the makeup line. Remember what you put onto your skin will eventually help or harm your skin so make sure whether its creams, foundations or masks you know what you are putting on before-hand and it is worth it.


  • Let’s take it back to having a healthy youthful glow. Something we all should want to achieve with our beauty routine. One way I achieve that is by using the BOSCIA Sake Brightening Hydrogel Mask. I like the linen mask you put on as opposed to the mask they have in a bottle. Once you put the 2-piece mask onto your face, you leave it on for 20+/- minutes and then you take it off and you can rub the remaining gel into your skin. This is my go-to because once you take the mask off the results are immediate and noticeable. Your skin is hydrated, firmer and the appearance is bright, youthful and glowing. I put this on at night after I cleanse my face and let the leftover product work into my skin overnight. This is only $8 online at Boscia or at Sephora in the aisle on your way to the cashier. I call that line the line of good & evil lol. Good because of everything I find on my way to pay, bad because of everything else I find on my way to pay for what I already have in my bag. Try this out, great for traveling too as you can put it on in the car or plane and you don’t have to wash it off making this an effective and handy  all-in-one product.


  • Last but not least to beat the heat and humidity that leaves the hour you spent styling your hair limp and lifeless I have 2 products I use to combat all of that. Alterna  Uplifting Volume Spray  you can spray on your roots and it doesn’t make your hair tacky or greasy but gives great volume even in the summer heat. This is also certified organic and is gluten free for those of you that want safer products. Then for the days when you cannot get up early enough to wash and straighten your hair, or you overslept and need to leave your house in 20 minutes and its down to either doing your makeup or hair this is my go-to. The Alterna Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo leaves no residue or powder when you spray. This is the best I have tried so far and great when I wear my hair naturally curly or when I straighten my hair. As a lot of you may know by now I am not a morning person so this product has literally saved me many times! Remember I am an oil-slick especially in my hair and this is a great product to try out. It comes in a small and large size so you can try it out and take it for a test drive before committing to a large size. I keep the small ones in my bag for travel since I may or may not have been known to overpack.


So there you have it some top summer faves to help you beat the heat picked and used by this chic. Let us know what your favorites are and what you use to beat the heat in the dog days of summer. If you pick any of these up hit us up and let me know if they worked for you too! Happy shopping and comment below!

Nicole L. Rymer

The PowHer Hub


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