A Vacationista’s Top 5 Views for Summer

Top 5-Top 5!!!! Excuse me for the DRAKE reference…..#views! Carry on! Warmer weather is upon us along with beaches, sun and sand, fruity drinks, cook-outs and vacations! Finally! Book your trips yet!? This is the perfect time to create what I like to call a trip-bucket list! Places and views you want to embed into your memory! Don’t do the normal 2-day trip to the Bahamas, although, if a quick trip is all you can do by all means get away and treat yourself!!! Get away from routine and go create your own experiences! There are a ton of deals out there to capitalize on, you just have to constantly be on the lookout.

I recently read Travel & Leisure’s 2016 top 50 travel hot spots. It was eclectic, unique and it made me start thinking of revising my own trip bucket-list. This is a list of places that even though you may not get to this summer you can have in your mind to make happen and work towards. Adventure, exploration of food, culture, people, and customs around the world are memories for the adventurer at heart. I recently went to Jamaica and went ATV-ing in the hills and then jumped off a cliff into the ocean…TWICE! Yes-it was so nice I did it twice! Find out what excursions you want to do the most and, here’s a concept…JUST DO IT! You live once and if done right once is enough.

Have you ever watched the incredible show Anthony Bourdain has hosted for the past few years??? One of the best in my opinion, I could literally sit and watch a marathon of him traveling to exotic countries all over the world, eating the local and sometimes unique fare, meeting the people that make up these amazing places and his quick witted humor. This is an absolute dream life, I can’t say job because there is too much living involved here with what he does. I love traveling and all that comes along with it. My trips that I have chronicled in previous blogs include South Africa, China, Japan and Australia to name a few. All life changing to say the least!! Stamp my passport anytime-anywhere please. Hmmm I see a traveling show in our future…..!!! I see it now,  traveling the world, eating, sipping and making excursionista the new craze…..with The PowHer Hub! Who we gotta talk to about that?! DM us,  ready with passport and camera in hand!!! Travel shenanigans in 3,2,1!


After reading this list I compiled the top 5 places that stood out from the pack for you to consider.  Do something different, life is an adventure! If you keep looking at the same landscape your views will always be the same. So change your scenery, change your perspective and get that passport stamped ASAP! Plan it, book it, do it!

TOP 5…Here we go!


Georgia No not the peach tree state. No, think of one of the best wine countries around, and where it is reported that wine was first traced too. Yeah I could probably stop here right?! SOLD! Well this country hosts a myriad of different cultures and scenery to enjoy. It is becoming a hot spot for new hotel chains coming to the area like Le Meridian and the Radisson Blu which 2 Divas’ stayed at in Philly and has a review on our YELP page. Hike the Caucasus Mountains, go on a wine tasting and food tour with their new gastro scene, and explore the ancient Persian and Soviet architecture in the capital of Tblisi. The Black Sea has a host of resorts and is a centrally located area close enough to hop over to Turkey to make this a trip to remember! This is a hot bed for cultures and amazing history that could make this a trip you will talk about for many years to come.


Sicily. Ok before you start, yeah I may be a little biased on this one. Sicily gets completely overlooked when people plan a trip to the Mediterranean. They think Greece, they think Italy….THEY again! No, Sicily is a special little island rich with culture, food, history all making this a great alternative vacation spot! It is a mixture of cultures from centuries of invasions that left behind food and eclectic cultures to make Sicily special. Arab and Greek influence is shown in its architecture and foods. Tour and hike Mt. Etna an active volcano with a guide and you may see one of the regular eruptions.The wine enthusiast will be elated to know the amount of wineries on this small island and a ton that encircle Mt. Etna! Want to go this summer? Well Divas’ head over to the WOMEN run boutique hotel and spa near this active volcano and winery Tenuta di Fessina. Hmmm Women run? Spa? Boutique hotel? Winery?! SOLD again! Sicily is a great spring board to country hop because of its location to other surrounding countries like Greece, Spain, Egypt and Morocco. Yes it is that close! Not to mention the amazing and fresh food you will have the chance to taste. I mean who doesn’t love REAL Italian food??  Olive Garden reference need not be mentioned!


Havana, Cuba  What a time to be alive! What a trip this could be! Living in SoFlo for so long you never thought this little country to the south would ever be a trip you could plan in your lifetime. Now this is more than a possibility as you have two options here. Go soon to see it in its current form, or wait until the tourism boom really hits and becomes the hip place to travel to. There are cases for both. This country has almost been at a standstill for decades with antique cars and cobblestone streets. Time has almost stood still here, but that will surely change soon with hotels, restaurants and people from many countries coming to visit this amazing place to experience the music and food Havana has to offer.

Placencia, Belize  This may be a surprise choice, but it shouldn’t be. Central America is rich in food, culture and resorts for relaxation. Francis Ford Coppolla of the Godfather movies has a small resort there called The Turtle Inn. Don’t stop here at Placencia there are a host of different places to stay and experience including the Belize Barrier Reef! Yep I bet you didn’t even know other places not named Australia had a barrier reef. Belize like a lot of the other countries I have listed are great destinations because of their location. You can country hop to Costa Rica from here, even Colombia, and Panama!

Zimbabwe I had the opportunity to experience South Africa, and that had to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The people, food, cultures, scenery, the safaris all are embedded in my memory till this day. I’ve been telling people for over 13 years that if you ever have an opportunity to head to Africa, or South Africa take that chance and never look back. You should experience that at least once in your lifetime. Zimbabwe is one of those places that have to be on that list. Renowned Victoria Falls is labeled as one of the seven wonders of the world and Hwange National Park are a staple of the country. The great news is in November they are opening the Victoria Falls airport that will provide direct flights making this a much more accessible destination. They have also adopted the US dollar that has substantially improved the economy. Again the location allows you to make this an extended trip by visiting South Africa as well. You cannot lose here!

The world is your oyster! Not to mention the skills you can pick up and use for your business in communication alone is important along with networking with the people you can meet along the way. We have an article here regarding that very issue called a Whole New World have a look! Love Travel & Leisure its a great site if you want to learn about other places to travel too. Subscribe to Groupon getaways and if you like to cruise then sign up for travel discount updates.

Oh, and the Travel show, seriously all kidding aside who we gotta talk too?!?! Traveling the globe bringing you a different perspective on food, travel, culture????….PowHer Hub style…..!!!!

Let’s make it happen….2017!

Nicole L. Rymer

The PowHer Hub

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